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About Our Clinic:

     We started pets friends clinic and resort in pune as an effort to provide quality vaccination and treatment and surgery, dog hostelling, training and breeding facility for your pets.
In dog resort being ardeer animal lovers our services are see to it. that your pets gets all the tender love and care. It is used to at home. We have the pets get to play and have a great time. The centre of attraction is the doggie pool. where your pets can swim all they want (all this under supervision of course) We have large 6 x 6 feet airy kennels with attached balcony 15x6 each kennel where they can take a comfortable nap. The food we provided is healthy and nutritious taking care of dietary requirements. finally a place in a pune for all dog lovers where they can hang out with their pets. We will love them when u have to leave them.



Exceeded My Expectations.
I just recently went to the Pet's Friends Clinic and my experience with Clinic totally exceeded my expectations. I arrived at 5 PM and was done and out by 5:30. UNBELIEVABLE! The staff was quick, knowledgeable and understanding. I love your services, as do my pets. Thank you for a non-stressful vet visit!"
Nikhil Gaud (manager)
Prompt Service.
Thank you so much for your prompt service. You provide a tremendous benefit to all of us who are trying to keep our spending down while still providing good care for our animals..... I don't know you but, on a Sunday night to help me, you are a wonderful person.
Santosh Kokate (lawyer)
Nicely Organized.
Everything went very well and was very nicely organized. My dogs experience and mine were great and I will use this service again. Taking the dog to my vet is sooooo expensive that its scary. Thanks for their service and I am telling everyone I know that has an animal how quick and great this service was
Aanand Patil (Engineer)
Thank You
Thank you very much. I just want to say that I have been using your service for years and am always extremely pleased with the quality care I receive from your vets and their staff.
Kapil Shirke (Teacher)